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We look to provide advice, insights to help solve any challenge to help, attract, retain and motive the best talent.

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Total Reward

We provide businesses with bespoke and problem specific solutions to drive business performance, and help to engage and retain talent across the organisation. We can design and deliver pay and benefits reviews, bespoke job evaluation, individual benchmarking, pay level development, pay progression as well as pay and benefit policy design and development.

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation - We help to align the interests of shareholders and executives through a  tailored reward programme design. We can provide bespoke advice on executive remuneration for  Board and Executives. We design customised executive incentive programmes to deliver on business growth. Provide an overview of market related executive benefits to attract and retain the best talent for key roles.

Performance Management

We have completed multiple performance management reviews, redesigned  and overhauls. We have designed and developed new performance management frameworks that directly link pay to performance. Underpinned by our expertise in performance reward process design.

Workforce Planning

Our workforce planning services bring together elements of organisational design with benchmarking and financial modelling to allow our clients to right-size and right-shape their organisations. This allows organisations to understand what talent and capability they currently have, and what will be required in the future.

Incentive Plan Design

We have extensive experience in Short Term Incentive Plan (STIP), Design which can clearly link business goals to employee rewards. Our Long Term Incentive Plan Design (LTIP) has included unique and bespoke cash and stock plans to align the best interests of shareholders and executives to drive outcomes and performance. Underpinned by solid Employee Recognition Schemes (ERS), to help to drive and support a positive culture within the business. We have conducted numerous Incentive Plan Reviews and redesign and base this on your Individual and specific circumstances, goals and organisational culture

Organisation Design

We can help to deliver a core foundation and tested structure that can deliver positive benefits in terms of costs and on the ability to deliver efficiently to the business imperatives. We are experts in designing efficient structures across industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Professional services, Technology, Construction, Retail, Property, Pharma and others

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