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Handshake in the Office

How We Work

Our principal aim is to become your trusted reward partner and the first choice you think about when you need some advice on all things Reward. Thats why we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that we achieve that.

You’ll receive an open and honest dialogue from us, we are here to listen at the start and here's how we can help. You’ll meet the team that will help you and the Director that will lead and work on your project.


So, lets meet! We would like to meet you, lets have a first discussion either on the phone, time is precious sometimes, or our preference by video (Zoom, Teams, FaceTime etc.) to get a first hand idea of the business challenges you wants and needs from us and how you work. This gives us a much better idea on how to shape our proposals and create the best bespoke solution for you and your needs.


As our guarantee to you, at our first meeting you can also expect to have a clear understanding of the next steps, what can expect from us and what we might need from you so we can get a firm understanding of your business requirements and needs.

Image by Bruno Abatti

What's the plan?

After our first meeting we will assess your need and establish a clear understanding on how we might be able and an overview of the project requirement, you'll receive from us a dedicated proposal.

This will include:

1. A full scope of the work required
2. Our outline on how we approach the project delivery and any phases that will need to be completed to deliver in the project
3. Set out the success points
4. Clear and transparent pricing

Lets kick this off...

Once we are all happy, and only at this point, we’ll send you a contract and our T&Cs for you to review and once you’ve returned these signed documents, we’ll get things going. We’ll do this through a project kick off meeting.


During our kick off meeting we will discuss the key project delivery phases and divide the project into these key deliverables. At this point we will highlight and areas where we might need your help and input. This might include data, post business reviews or scheduling future meetings with stakeholders. Linking back to our phases, you will then be able to see how the project is progressing, making sure we are on time and helping to give you the support that you are going to receive what you need at the right time from us.

Image by Jamie Davies

Delivering on promises

Throughout the project, your dedicated director will be on hand as they will be in the “doing”marking sure we are achieving the pre-agreed phases and deliverables. However, if you want to add more, do something less, we fully understand that things can evolve so we are happy to embrace that and we can always pivot and turn to ensure that we meet your needs. We are here for you.


Ideally we would like you to think of us as your parachuted in extra team members that are here to solve your performance and reward needs and why you would always want us around next time. What makes us different is that you will always have a director working on your project. Thats what makes us different and what also make us successful. This is not a classic “Client Director” providing oversight, our Directors are in the doing and solving and helping give you the best outcomes, insights and knowledge.

Remote Work

We believe in remote working. We are fully digitally enabled and we have been able to deliver exceptional service and client interactions through digital means. This also means we can be flexible, online and available for you. We work around the world and our colleagues can work from anywhere as long as they are delivering the best reward, performance and pay insights for you. Our past and current clients have told us they like this, our colleagues have told us they like this, so it works for us so expect to see us on Zoom, Teams or FaceTime.


Our offices are based in London but our knowledge is based everywhere!

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