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Oliver Maslin
Big Paws Consultancy is an independent Reward, Performance and Pay advisory partner with extensive expertise and experience in all areas of Reward planning, design, governance and organisational and strategic workforce planning.

Specialising in simplifying complex compensation regulations and being a trusted Remuneration Committee (RemCo), partner.


If you feel that the generic approach offered by many of the big consultancy companies is not listening to you and supporting your business and you feel you are missing a more personal service to achieve your business goals, Big Paws Consulting is for you.


Our Principal, Oliver (Ollie) Maslin has extensive experience in Financial Services and Reward, holding leadership positions previously with the Big 4 management consulting firms, asset and wealth managers, leading investment banks and retail banking. Ollie has worked on some of the largest Human Capital projects that have altered and influenced the Reward landscape across multiple industries. He is published on some influential reward topics and has featured in keynote conferences and webinars.


Big Paws Consultancy is based in London, UK, but we believe in remote work and a hybrid working model to suit the needs of our clients and our employees. 

Oliver Maslin

Our Principal, Oliver (Ollie) Maslin.

We work around you and when you need us.

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